Dr. phil habil. Frank Zenker

  • Docentur/ Associate Professorship/cumulative habilitation (22 JAN 2014). 
  • PhD, Philosophy of Science, University of Hamburg, Germany (5 MAY 2009). 
  • MA, Discourse and Argumentation Studies, Int. School for Humanities and Social Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31 AUG 2002). 

Frank Zenker works in Social Epistemology, Cognitive Science, and the Philosophy of Science. Among others, he leads the workgroup on norms of public argument of the EU COST Action APPLY, European Network for Argumentation and Public Policy Analysis (CA17132), and is a steering committee member of the European Conference on Argumentation (ECA), http://ecargument.org/.

Please, find his pre-prints and a CV at https://pw.academia.edu/FrankZenker.

You can best reach Frank Zenker at fzenker@gmail.com; both his WeChat ID and skype name are "frankzenker."

Journal publications

  1. Yu, S., and Zenker, F. (2019). A dialectical view on conduction: Reasons, warrants, and normal suasory inclinations. Informal Logic, 39(1), 32-69 (ISSN 0824-2577). 
  2. Witte, E.H., and Zenker, F. (2018). Data replication matters, replicated hypothesis-corroboration counts. (Commentary on “Making Replication Mainstream” by Rolf A. Zwaan, Alexander Etz, Richard E., Lucas, and M. Brent Donnellan). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 41, e120 (ISSN: 0140-525X). 
  3. Krefeld-Schwalb, A; Witte, E.H., and Zenker, F. (2018). Hypothesis-testing demands trustworthy data—a simulation approach to statistical inference advocating the research program strategy. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 460 (ISSN 1664-1078).
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  15. Zenker, F. (2011a). Experts and Bias: When is the interest-based objection to an authority argument sound? Argumentation, 25, 355–370 (ISSN 0920-427X). 


  • COST-Action (secondary proposer): European network for argumentation and public policy analysis (APPLY), 2018-2022, No. OC-2017-1-22387, CA17132 (500.000 EUR).
  • Confucius Institute (HANBAN) “Understanding China”-Fellowship, Institute of Logic and Cognition, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, P.R. China, Feb-May 2017 (3.400 EUR).
  • Project Grant (sole applicant): Conceptual Spaces, Reasoning, and Argumentation, Volkswagen Foundation, 2015-17, Az.: 90 531 (80.000 EUR).
  • Project Grant (co-applicant): Judges without Biases: A legal research project on de-biasing in the evaluation of evidence, with C. Dahlman (PI) and F. Sarwar, funded by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, 2014-17 (450.000 EUR).
  • Project Grant (sole applicant): Reconstruction and Evaluation of Pro/Con Arguments, Swedish Research Council, 2011-14, DN.: 421-2010-1536 (290.000 EUR).
  • Project Grant (sole-applicant): Continuity in Scientific Revolutions, Swedish Research Council, 2008-10 (170.000 EUR).